Sunday, July 3, 2022

Waiting for Glue to Dry...

So, I've been keeping these tiny shells prepped in a basket on my sculpting table, and when I come to a point on a bigger project that needs glue, I apply the glue and grab one o'these lil guys. They take 30-45 minutes to sculpt, and et viola, the glue on the big project dry and it's good to go!

Their official name is now "Waiting for Glue to Dry" Hermit Fae...

As long as I'm posting Tiny Things, I took a break from Comic-Con sculpting to make a birthday present for my friend Charles; it's a Drinking Buddy, so he never has to drink alone!
I need to find some more of these itty bitty tankards; I'm really pleased how he turned out, so I'd like to make another (or five), plus he made Charles laugh — and if you've met Charles, you know that's a big laugh!


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